On May 1, 2016, Richard and Katie Gentry took over the martial arts school in Hope, Arkansas with a vision: to take the martial art that they love and bring it to students of all ages in the area so that it will impact their lives in the many positive ways it has their's.

Though we're teaching Taekwondo, we want all of our students, no matter how long they train with us, to walk off our mats with more - CHAMPIONS - who choose to live a life of integrity, humility, respect, and excellence.



Taekwondo is a martial art developed for the Korean military from Karate and Kung-Fu that emphasizes hand and foot techniques through self-defense, conditioning, and flexibility learned from patterns, free sparring, and board breaking. 
Taekwondo was founded on guiding principles, or "Tenants," to develop the student both inside an out. These Tenants are courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and indomitable spirit.


We know that each student can achieve greatness, but some skills require training and effort to develop. This is why we teach SKILLZ - drills and games designed to teach Martial Arts and grow students not only physically, but also thrive mentally, socially, and intellectually.



We believe in building the next generation of leaders, on and off of the mats. SWAT's Leadership Program does this by teaching leadership skills like taking initiative, being the example, and achieving goals in addition to personal training.


We believe in a heart of service to our community and the less fortunate. SWAT students display this through monthly Service Projects including fundraisers, supply drives, and much more.




My kids have grown in confidence and perseverance because of the wonderful instructors! We are thankful for our new teammates and parent friends!

Kelley, son age 7 & daughter age 9

Taekwondo for [my son] has helped him so much. He has trouble with focus and the principles of discipline and structure have helped him [with that.] He also has a tendency for his mind to go too fast and learning precision and accuracy has helped him realize that slowing down in general leads to less mistakes. His grades have improved and his personality has blossomed.

Jessica, son age 9

[Our grandson] LOVES going to SWAT. He knows exactly what days he has class. Mrs. G is awesome! Her staff is so encouraging and patient. A great place with a great positive environment for everyone!!

Karen, grandson age 4