• Katie Gentry

Parent SKILLZ 4 - Prompting

We can all agree that many children will not have the very best discipline all the time. To increase the level of discipline and effort your child gives to something, it is important we are constantly PROMPTING them to try hard and behave accordingly.

So how can you foster PROMPTING good behavior as a parent?

Experts suggest you deploy strategies which help set your child up for success!


One suggestion is to ‘catch’ your child demonstrating good behavior and complimenting him/ her for it. The simple concept of praising your child when they least expect it is a great way to boost confidence in their own behavior. For example: many parents have the habit of waiting for their child to misbehave before teaching them a lesson. Instead, build a habit of ‘catching’ them with compliments when they have great behavior. This simple strategy of praising a child when they least expect it is a great way to confidence in their behavior.


Another suggestion is to set your child up by giving him/ her a challenge to accomplish and reward him/ her for it. For example: tell your child to get ready for school in 10-minutes or less and you will give him/ her 10 extra minutes of play before bedtime. When children successfully accomplish challenges, they build a habit of enjoying challenges.


Boost intrinsic motivation by providing your child with a hierarchy of options and then praise them for making the best choice. For example: instruct your child to do some exercises to boost their energy. Give the option of 5, 10, or 15 reps per exercise. Present it in a manner where he/ she would feel extremely proud by choosing the highest reps, then provide a lot of praise if they do so.


Notice these strategies are about building good habits. The key is to focus more on building good habits versus focusing on bad ones. Children’s brains are moldable, and these strategies will help mold them into people who have self-discipline and accountability. The simple act of setting up your child for success is the key to maximizing good behavior. When it comes to fostering self-discipline and accountability, PROMPTING is a powerful skill to remember!

Adapted from Parent SKILLZ created by Melody Johnson, Child Development Expert