• Katie Gentry

Summer Brain Super Charge

When you’re a kid, there’s nothing like the freedom of summer vacation. But, inevitably, August brings another school year and, without a level of consistent learning over the 10 weeks, the evidence of ‘Summer Brain Drain,’ ‘Brain Slump,’ or ‘Summer Slide’ returns too.

In 1996, a research study “indicated that achievement test scores decline over summer vacation” including "the effect of summer break was more detrimental for math than for reading and most detrimental for math computation and spelling.” Since then, it has become widely understood that, on average, children lose a lot of learning ground during the summer.

We want to give our kids a much needed break from school, enjoy their time away from books and tests. But how do we also ensure that when the new school year begins they will be just as successful as when they ended in May?


The solution is getting them involved in activities that support mental, physical, emotional, and intellectual growth throughout summer vacation.

1. Keep a consistent schedule.

Children thrive with routine. They know what to expect, bringing a sense of security, which provides them with freedom to think, connect, and be creative. But, this doesn’t have to be complicated or even exact to what the school year typically looks like. Keep it simple, establishing a natural rhythm for your children to follow that includes consistent wake up and bed times, activities, play, and even down time.

Bonus, when August returns, you are likely find that there’s an easier transition back to the school calendar.

2. Read.

Keeping your children’s minds going doesn’t have to be hard or tedious. Books are a great way for them to go on adventures, learn, and grow! Many local libraries have summer reading programs and you can even build family connection by reading together. As an added bonus, create reading challenges to motivate them. Most children thrive when challenged, and, when it involves learning, there’s a win-win.

3. Go, do, and see.

Find opportunities to get outside, go to parks, zoos, museums, and even just walks around the neighborhood. There’s a lot to learn in the great outdoors and a change of scenery gives a literal “breath of fresh air.” In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many aquariums, museums, and zoos also have gone digital, with virtual walk-throughs and live cams. A quick internet search can take your family to places that may not be in the budget!


Unlike our children, most jobs don’t offer a blissful 3 months off to spend at home. Finding day-camps and centers that offer summer-long programs focused on physical, intellectual, emotional, and social growth is key.

If you live in Hempstead or Navada County area, you’re in luck with Champion Kids Summer Camp! Each day is packed with activities including fitness, STEM, games, reading, movies, and more to keep your child’s brain and body moving all summer. Plus, your mind is at ease that they are in a safe, fun environment that will super charge their brains to prevent the dreaded ‘Summer Brain Drain.’

Even if you don’t work, or are headed on a few vacations, there’s weekly options available too!


The summer can either be a stall in children’s mental, physical, social, and intellectual growth or wonderful opportunity to help them become a better version of themselves. As parents and guardians, we play a key role in what the summer will be for them. Activities and camps that focus on building our children up during their 10 weeks off will reap success for them throughout the school year.

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