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The Importance Of Uniforms

SWAT Uniforms
The Importance of Uniforms

Your uniform is a TRIGGER.

Does the president of the United States go to work in sweatpants? Does LeBron James show up to practice in a tux? Of course not! Your uniform is a TRIGGER for your mind to understand that it’s game time as soon as you step into our school. A basketball player may dribble the ball before shooting a three-point shot- that’s her trigger. A golfer may straighten her posture and adjust her shoulders before she swings- that’s her trigger. YOUR trigger as champion at SWAT is your uniform, and you’re training your brain for PEAK performance.

Your uniform allows you maximum MOBILITY.

In class, we're doing kicks, punches, fitness and more. Can you imagine stretching in the splits in jeans? Can you imagine throwing a high kick in a skirt? Our uniforms have been tested and proven to give you the maximum mobility and breathability for you to do your best in class, at testings, and at tournaments. Wearing your uniform ensures that you're not limiting your potential for the day.

Ps - Make sure that what your wearing UNDER your uniform allows that too!

Your uniform unifies your TEAM.

When you are showing support for your favorite football or baseball teams, you wear the colors, and, better yet, copies of their jerseys. You can tell what team is which by the uniforms they wear! But you also see the team as a whole - all in the same colors and symbols - a symbol of unity and striving for the same goals. No matter what type, uniforms give people a sense of community and helps promote pride in being a part of a larger organization, including ours.

And, yes you could buy the "same" uniform on the internet for "less," but what those uniforms lack is an ADDITIONAL sense of unity...our logos! The SKILLZ ninja is displayed each front, this keeps all students in the world-wide SKILLZ organization connected. The SWAT logo is displayed on each back, signifying the family that always has your back.

In the greater scope of things, this cohesiveness also creates brand recognition and consumer trust within the community.

Your uniform ties you to the PAST and PRESENT of our art.

In martial arts, wearing a uniform is an important custom and each style has their own traditional attire that represents it. These uniforms are worn in class for training as well as at formal events such as testings, tournaments, and demonstrations. When people are seen in a traditional martial arts uniform, it is recognized that they are a part of some form of the art. There is a sense of unity in their own individual style, but they also feel a sense of belonging to the martial arts world as a whole.

A daily uniform, and a dress uniform.

And while tradition (typically white uniforms) is important regarding martial arts uniforms, it is a challenge to keep them looking their best when they are worn daily in class. For this reason, our school offers a supplemental uniform. This colored uniform provides students and parents the flexibility of having options for training.

Much like the military, students wear this training-type uniform in class daily. By wearing this class uniform the students can keep their formal, traditional uniforms in tip top condition for official events. When your white uniform is thought of as a “dress uniform” and is to be worn for special events, it creates a higher sense of appreciation for it. Utilizing a training uniform or “fatigues,” on a daily basis, is a more practical approach, especially in children’s martial arts classes.

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